Playing Poker: The Online Version

The popularity of the traditional poker game soared even more from the time the game was made available online. More people became aware of the game and not a few have been hooked to playing poker online. Recognizing its contributions to the game’s current fame, the World Series of Poker has even opened its doors to online players, and have allowed them entry into the World Series. In fact, the 2003 and 2004 World Series champions entered via the backdoor – through online poker.

As is usually the case in any game, with popularity comes controversy. A lot of complaints about online poker have come into the fore. Many players began complaining of “bad beats,” or large hands dealt against smaller hands. It has been noted to happen a lot more in online play compared to poker games played in traditional venues like a casino.

Experts, however, say that this is understandable since more hands are dealt in online poker sites than in “real life” poker on an hourly basis. And because of the growing number of online casino players, the number of possible large deals or bad beats dealt randomly is increased, though not necessarily percentage-wise.

A Blow to Online Poker

It was discovered that, an online casino site, used “bots” or computer programs that simulate human players to play against online players.  However, it was possible that the bots had “knowledge” on the hands of the opposing players even when the cards have not been dealt yet. The site was forced to close shop. Most of its patrons stopped playing, but not before losing each and every bet they placed on the site.

The case prompted a number of certification-awarding bodies like the Kahnawake Gaming commission and big-name auditing firms such as Pricewaterhouse Coopers to review online poker websites, and solicit reviews from online poker players to help improve their set certification standards. The payouts and shuffle are now being tested and reviewed for fairness.

Online Poker vs. Traditional Poker

The Psychological Game – The biggest obvious difference between online and traditional poker is player interaction.  In online poker, players do not see each other, and sit together before the same table. Traditional players are known to observe their opponents’ body language or reactions for clues on the hands they are dealt with. While some people say that the game’s most important aspect – the psychological warfare – is diminished, other players see this as an advantage.

Instead of watching the other players for hints, online poker players focus more on betting patterns. Likewise, they learn to observe non-physical reaction patterns and behavior from other players. In short, the key to success is an online player’s ability to adapt to a new playing environment. Those who have mastered the intricacies of online poker are seen as the more successful ones.

Rate of Play – Because everything is automated in online poker, where the shuffling and dealing are done in an instant, games are generally faster and more dynamic. On the other hand, in the traditional version, the dealer first collects the cards at the end of each hand, before a new game can start. Thus, on the average, only about 30 hands are dealt every hour.

In cases of pot splits, there is also no delay in online gaming as far as counting chips is concerned. Online poker players likewise claim that you can even make the game pace faster by using the “auto-action” buttons. Through these buttons, a player can choose an action he wants performed before each turn. It is therefore not surprising that an online poker player can be dealt an average of 50 to 80 hands an hour.

These are only a couple of reasons a lot of traditional poker players have turned to online playing. They get to play a lot more hands. This is particularly attractive for players who easily get bored from waiting for their cards to be dealt. If you are on a roll, you get to win a lot more hands in a shorter amount of time, but you also stand to lose a lot more games if you are on a bad poker day.

Traditional and online poker, however, are both games of chance, and should be played with caution.  While the games can provide you with substantial winnings, you can also lose a lot of money when irresponsibly played.  Just enjoy playing, stick to your limit, and never play with money that you cannot afford to lose.

You Can Make Money by Playing Online Poker

There are many websites today that seek to get your attention by proposing a wide variety of opportunities to make money online. Some provide a vehicle for you to buy and sell products. Others provide the opportunity to do freelance work of almost any kind – programming, translation, finance consulting, writing, and many more. Still others pay you to participate in consumer surveys which help companies determine what products to produce and sell.

One other option that seems to have roused the imagination and interest of many people is the opportunity to make money by playing online poker. Can you really make money and indulge your passion for playing this immensely popular game?  The answer apparently is yes. People who gamble online by playing poker can make money when they win. And the people behind online casino houses definitely rake in money, considering the increasing number of people who have cultivated a great liking for this particular form of online gambling.

Online poker makes it possible for you to play poker without having to spend money to go to Vegas. You can play poker within the comforts of your own room anytime you want to. You can concentrate on your game without having to think of bouncers, other off-putting players, and other similar distractions. You play in your own home – using and hopefully winning real money.

royal flush poker

Ever since it was introduced in the market, online poker has become increasingly popular. Even the younger generation has taken to the game. Newbies get the chance to learn how to play the game through the tutorials provided for free by almost all poker sites online. Even the old-timers who used to frequent brick-and-mortar casinos seem to now prefer to indulge their poker habit right at home. Now, it is no longer a novelty to see old-time casino players playing poker head-to-head with the new generation computer techies.  The sport continues to attract more and more players by the thrill and excitement it offers – not to mention the genuine opportunity to win a substantial amount of money when you get to take home the pot money.

Can you make more money by playing online poker than by playing poker in real casinos? The answer apparently is yes. Some say that you can even make more than double what you would if you were to play the former instead of the latter. How is this possible?

One of the most popular and respected platforms for playing online poker today is BetOnline Poker, where you can get first class deposit bonuses and other top bonuses too.

You play online poker in the exact same way that you play regular poker. However, with online poker, you get the chance to play in multiple tables. When you go to a live casino, you get to sit in only one table. With online poker, you are able to do away with your physical limitations and get to sit at several tables simply by joining between two to ten poker games – which you play simultaneously onscreen.

There is actually no big secret to being able to make more money through online poker. But because you are playing in multiple tables, if you are able to play cleverly – and luck is on your side, you are certain to win double what you usually do at regular poker.

You also enjoy one other clear advantage when you play poker online. You get to play more hands. When you play at a real casino, you get a dealer who is able to play only 30 hands an hour. With online poker, you do not have to be limited by the physical limitations of a human dealer. Online poker enjoys the decided advantage of a technology that allows 60 to 80 hands to be dealt in an hour – a dramatic increase that enables you to play more hands at any one time, and increases in like ratio the possibility of winning.

Many a gambler consider online poker a dream-come-true. There is, however, more to online poker than  the above-mentioned enticements. Put aside that online poker is extremely user friendly. Put aside that online poker gives you the chance to win much more than what you do in a live casino.

Online poker also gives you the chance to play in real-life poker tournaments – and even get the chance to join the World Series of Poker Tournament! Online poker rooms conduct their own tournaments, or “satellites,” every year. When you win, you get the chance to join live poker tournaments, including the world series.

To date, the World Series of Poker Tournament has on record two winners who earned entry through online poker. Chris Moneymaker was the main event winner in 2003, becoming an overnight sensation in the world of poker. Greg “Fossilman” Raymer, who also gained entry by playing poker online, won the subsequent year’s World Series.

With all these thrills and opportunities that online poker provides, it really is not surprising to see an enormous increase in people playing poker online today.

In the following video, the PokerSpyTV guy will talk you through the step by step process to play online poker – a great video:

The Lowdown On Poker Software

There is a wide range of poker software out in the market. Just as the number of poker enthusiasts is increasing by leaps and bounds, so is the types of poker software one can get.


People use poker software for a number of reasons.

Poker websites are enjoying brisk business. If you want to build and manage such a site as a means to acquire serious money, poker software can help you achieve your goals.

If you are a poker enthusiast and you take your game seriously, poker software can help you hone your skills. If you want to become a big-time player and increase your chances of winning money on a grand scale, poker software can help you up your game.

You can get regular training by playing top-notch simulations. You can have statistics, useful data, and other forms of reports run to help you evaluate how you play the game. Poker software is one asset that serious poker aficionados should not take for granted.

What are some of the poker software you need to know about?

What are the important points that set each one apart from the rest? You need to know these details so that you are in a better position to determine which poker software you should get to help you score major breakthroughs in this addictive card game.

Turbo Omaha HI/LO, Tournament Texas Hold”em, Turbo 7 Card Stud, and Turbo Texas Hold”em are poker software designed and produced by Wilson. Each one claims to be able to realistically simulate the real game. Many reviewers, however, say that the interface can be a bit problematic and difficult to set up.

There are many reviews about the DD Tournament Poker that indicate that the said software works for both beginners and veteran players. If you use the software, you can choose which skill level you want to play at — the software provides three levels.


There are also 5,000 computer opponents accessible in the program. You have the option of playing in a per-determined tournament or in one customized according to your specifications.

The Holdem Inspector 2 software allows you to analyze your game and evaluate a particular situation — a highly innovative aspect that many players appreciate. The software also gives you the opportunity to establish a range of profiles to enable you to test various techniques in different poker situations.

Seven Card Inspector 2 is referred to as Holdem Inspector 2’s “little brother.” It can trail cards and outs but reviewers say that the profiles the software comes up with are not entirely impressive. Reviewers also say that the software falls short of providing challenging simulations.


Poker Pal Pro from Tellis Software, Inc. supposedly looks acceptably well but falls short in efficiently storing information when there is a change in players. It also needs improvement in the area of providing updates.

The PokerStove, a Texas Hold’em calculator for poker, claims to be able to evaluate multifaceted pre-flop situations a hundred times faster compared to other similar tools.


The Crazy Pineapple is another poker software that you are likely to find is easy to install. It also features a neat computer adviser. Beginners at the game of poker are likely to appreciate that the software has both an Internet and a watch play that facilitate learning the game.

The Mobile Poker Trainer is Texas Hold”em poker software designed for use on one’s mobile phone. Individuals who have tried the software, however, say that the game is better played as a video game. The mobile version, with its inadequate number of characters and humdrum playing approaches, apparently leaves much to be desired.

Many individuals seem to consider the Poker Office as one of the better-developed poker software now available. The software tracks stats, imports previous hand records, and provides sound advice for the improvement of one’s game. Those who have bought the software say that it was worth the expense.