The Lowdown On Poker Software

There is a wide range of poker software out in the market. Just as the number of poker enthusiasts is increasing by leaps and bounds, so is the types of poker software one can get.


People use poker software for a number of reasons.

Poker websites are enjoying brisk business. If you want to build and manage such a site as a means to acquire serious money, poker software can help you achieve your goals.

If you are a poker enthusiast and you take your game seriously, poker software can help you hone your skills. If you want to become a big-time player and increase your chances of winning money on a grand scale, poker software can help you up your game.

You can get regular training by playing top-notch simulations. You can have statistics, useful data, and other forms of reports run to help you evaluate how you play the game. Poker software is one asset that serious poker aficionados should not take for granted.

What are some of the poker software you need to know about?

What are the important points that set each one apart from the rest? You need to know these details so that you are in a better position to determine which poker software you should get to help you score major breakthroughs in this addictive card game.

Turbo Omaha HI/LO, Tournament Texas Hold”em, Turbo 7 Card Stud, and Turbo Texas Hold”em are poker software designed and produced by Wilson. Each one claims to be able to realistically simulate the real game. Many reviewers, however, say that the interface can be a bit problematic and difficult to set up.

There are many reviews about the DD Tournament Poker that indicate that the said software works for both beginners and veteran players. If you use the software, you can choose which skill level you want to play at — the software provides three levels.


There are also 5,000 computer opponents accessible in the program. You have the option of playing in a per-determined tournament or in one customized according to your specifications.

The Holdem Inspector 2 software allows you to analyze your game and evaluate a particular situation — a highly innovative aspect that many players appreciate. The software also gives you the opportunity to establish a range of profiles to enable you to test various techniques in different poker situations.

Seven Card Inspector 2 is referred to as Holdem Inspector 2’s “little brother.” It can trail cards and outs but reviewers say that the profiles the software comes up with are not entirely impressive. Reviewers also say that the software falls short of providing challenging simulations.


Poker Pal Pro from Tellis Software, Inc. supposedly looks acceptably well but falls short in efficiently storing information when there is a change in players. It also needs improvement in the area of providing updates.

The PokerStove, a Texas Hold’em calculator for poker, claims to be able to evaluate multifaceted pre-flop situations a hundred times faster compared to other similar tools.


The Crazy Pineapple is another poker software that you are likely to find is easy to install. It also features a neat computer adviser. Beginners at the game of poker are likely to appreciate that the software has both an Internet and a watch play that facilitate learning the game.

The Mobile Poker Trainer is Texas Hold”em poker software designed for use on one’s mobile phone. Individuals who have tried the software, however, say that the game is better played as a video game. The mobile version, with its inadequate number of characters and humdrum playing approaches, apparently leaves much to be desired.

Many individuals seem to consider the Poker Office as one of the better-developed poker software now available. The software tracks stats, imports previous hand records, and provides sound advice for the improvement of one’s game. Those who have bought the software say that it was worth the expense.